Who are we?

Todd Vandenberg ideam habet quam quod minimum esse in spatio, sed est spectare voluit et fidibus in latinum transtulit et Presto, sed oportet nos habere aliquid quod vultus cerritulus.

Rob Steele is the other half of the show. (He prefers English.) This off-the-wall writer-of-stuff enjoys his sci-fi and fantasy but also enjoys mysteries - not the least of which is: "What's the next subject on the show? I forgot to write it down!"

They watch movies so
we don't have to?

With all the movies that come out today, how do you figure out which ones to watch? Do you go with the critics choice of Oscasr nominations or with the box office smash that everyone is talking about? Or is there something under the radar worth watching?

That's where Todd and Rob come in. We can tell you (usually spoiler free) about the movies you want to see and if they really are worth seeing. No holds barred reviews of everything in theaters today. If they don't mention it, it's probably not for you anyway.

News Too!

But the show is not just reviews! Todd and Rob also talk movie news that's interesting and has to do with the movies. None of that "who is dating who" crap! It's what movies are upcoming, who's starring in them, and why you should be interested in the forthcoming flick!


Unfortunately, the best part of the trailer - Check the book title, or click for the trailer.

Movie censorship by 3rd parties? I'm not sure this is really what they did but...

Here's a poor quality copy of Oingo Boingo on "The Gong Show!"
And apologies, it's Richard Elfman in a rocket not Danny in a bathtub.

Here's that X-Men video Rob warned you about.

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